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Interactive Chart - Change Bar Color Reverts to Original as Soon as You Change Another

12 - Quasar


I am experimenting with the Interactive Chart Tool.  All I want to do is change the colors of the series.  


I am trying to change the color for each bar (series) in the Layer menu.  I can change the color for a given bar (series), but it reverts to the original default color assigned as soon as I try to change the color of the next bar (series).



17 - Castor


I was not able to replicate your issue, and it works just fine on my side.

Can you upload your sample workflow to show us the issue?


18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @hellyars 


Which version are you on.  I know there was an issue with the colours in the interactive graph in one of the early 2020 versions


It's working correctly in 2020.3.5.  i was able to create this hideous monstrosity




12 - Quasar

@Qui.  Those are exactly the controls I am using.  I set one, it works.  Change the second, and the first reverts to its default setting.

12 - Quasar

@danilang    The first change works.  The second change forces the first change to revert.  


I had to downgrade back to 2020.3.5 due to broken XML Parse Tool in 2020.4.

5 - Atom

Hey there, I am running into the same issue.


First color change work, the second change will revert everything back to the default colors.


I am on the latest Alteryx version as of Feb 2021.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello @hellyars,

Thank you for posting this. I submitted the issue with interactive chart to our product team. They will look into it and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Sorry about any inconvenience! 

6 - Meteoroid

Do we have a resolution for this yet?

8 - Asteroid

I am currently running into the same issue on 2020.4.5

5 - Atom

I am having the same issue on 2020.2.3