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Integrate Macro Functionality Into Standard Workflow


My second question today.  Woo hoo!!


So I have a workflow that uses a macro... BUT ... I want some of the steps in the macro to prompt the user before they run the workflow.  SO, the only solution I can think of to achieve this is to take out the "meat" (everything between the input and output) of the macro and connect it into my workflow as a series of tools.  

The beginning of my macro looks like this:



BUT when I try to take the "meat" of the macro and connect it to the rest of the workflow, I cannot figure out how to connect my Select tool to the List Box tool (see highlighted). 



Is another tool necessary?  Thank you!!!!


I guess another way of asking the question is how do you connect a Select Tool to a List Box?


Is your goal to get a list of fields after the Select tool does processing, or to modify the Select tool itself?


If the former, that is not really something you can accomplish in an app, to my knowledge.


If the latter, you would simply connect the Q at the bottom of the list box to an action tool and to the lightning bolt over the Select tool.


Hope this helps!


I need to pass the list of fields from the Select Tool to the List Box, so when the user runs the app this section has a list of of fields to concatenate




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Here's a simple macro that you can use to see how the list is applied within the macro.!app/Contains-In-List/5a5903fda18e9e2508e5ae0d

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:



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Mark, thank you for your help.  I am grateful.  Unfortunately, still stuck with my problem, but I am going to watch your videos :)