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Insurance Datasets

13 - Pulsar

After the intense interest shown to the community topic Available "Big data sets" over the internet...  (since ‎22-11-2015)





I'm now trying to split that into more meaningful, more focued sections. So that people can get an understanding of


  1. industry specific data and
  2. business problems that can be solved easily with Alteryx...



This specific section is on #Insurance, insuretech, actuarial science, mortality data, usage based car insurance data, telemetry

13 - Pulsar

There is an R Package called ‘insuranceData’ which is published on February 20, 2015


This package is not an alogtrithm package but a sample datset repository on CRAN. 

These Insurance datasets, are often used in

  1. claims severity and
  2. claims frequency modelling.

You can test regression models such as GLM, GLMM, HGLM, non-linear mixed models etc. on them and gain experience.


Data sets are applied in the project "Mixed models in ratemaking'' supported by grant NN 111461540 from Polish National Science Center.


  • AutoBi --> Automobile Bodily Injury Claims
  • AutoClaims --> Automobile Insurance Claims
  • AutoCollision --> Automobile UK Collision Claims
  • ClaimsLong --> Claims Longitudinal 
  • dataCar --> one-year vehicle insurance policies taken out in 2004 or 2005
  • dataOhlsson  --> Motorcycle Insurance
  • IndustryAuto -->  industry aggregates for private passenger auto liability/medical coverages from year 2004
  • SingaporeAuto --> Singapore Automobile Claims
  • Thirdparty --> Third party insurance twelve–month period between 1984-1986
    in New South Wales, Australia.
  • WorkersComp -->worker’s compensation insurance, examining losses due to permanent, partial disability claims.

13 - Pulsar

Auto Insurance in Sweden

In the following data
X = number of claims
Y = total payment for all the claims in thousands of Swedish Kronor
for geographical zones in Sweden

Reference: Swedish Committee on Analysis of Risk Premium in Motor Insurance


This is origianllay from the book




Source link 1;


Source link 2;


Excel data;


An alternative link to data and description is available on Kaggle as well...