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Installation of Power BI Ouput tool v2.1.0 fails


I am trying to install the Power BI output tool. These are my steps:

1. I have following Alteryx: Alteryx Non-Admin Designer, Version 2018.4.5.55178

2. I downloaded the tool from the gallery

3. In my download folder I changed it from to power_bi_v2.1.0.yxi

4. I opened the power_bi_v2.1.0.yxi.

5. After quite a while I get the error:

An error occurred during installation of the Python tool.

No matching distribution found for azure-common==1.1.14 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1))

See the also the picture below.


What should I do now?






Alteryx power bi installation error.png


Hi @GeorgeB


It looks like the tool is having issues connecting to the url to download the required packages. Can you please follow these steps and then re-install the tool?

1. Create a file called pip.ini (case is important) under: %APPDATA%\pip 

(on your machine, this should look something like C:\Users\my_account\AppData\Roaming\pip where my_account is the Windows username)

2. If the folder pip does not exist, please create it in this location
3. In the pip folder, the pip.ini file will have to be created if it does not already exist

4. Open pip.ini and add the following content:

trusted-host =

Please be sure to type exactly as shown above.

Then, please try to reinstall the tool. If you are still facing issue, feel free to contact us at Alteryx Support and we can look into it further.

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

Dear Sophia


Thanks for replying

I now get the next error. I will contact the support as you suggested.


Best regards



Alteryx power bi installation error 2.png




Hi @SophiaF


I am also having issues with the installer. 


It is stuck on the message in teh screenshot attached, and has taken over an hour. Clicking OK cancels the install. 


Not sure what to do. 



power bi install.PNGPowerBI Output stuck here



Alteryx Everything, Leave no one behind.



I got it installed when doing home office, not being in our company's network, just connected by VPN.


Best regards



@GavinAttard this is a slightly different error - you were able to download the packages but for some reason they are taking a long time to install. Do you have a PythonDependencyInstall.log file in the tool directory you could share?

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

@Sophia - Yup, opened a new thread with issue and solution.

Alteryx Everything, Leave no one behind.