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Install Macro Error

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I am trying to install the macro through the user setting.

When I click the add the path, it give the error information: Nested Macro locations area not supported.'

Anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.

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This is probably happening because you are trying to install it to a folder that is within a folder already on the Macro 'watch list' you configured in user settings.  Try pointing to a folder not within one already on that list

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I have a folder for macros my team creates.  I wanted to use the user settings option so they appear in their own category on the interface.  I followed the instructions and got the same error.  You suggest it is because the folder is already in the "watch list" configured in user settings but that is the very thing I am trying to do....So I think you misspoke or I am blind to see any other place to define a watch list in user settings.


macro search path.PNG

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so I am still looking for an answer to this error


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I got some help from Jeff Franklin at Alteryx Support.  We could not sort it out at first but I asked for the location of the config files where Alteryx looks to store/verify the path.  Alter he provided the location I inspected the files and saw how they were being used. 


The basics are that the path you provide in the "Add Search Path for Macros" cannot be an upper level qualification of a path already stored in the reference directory.  I had installed the CREW macros previously and had stored them in a subfolder of the path I was trying to add.  When adding a new macro library in that folder structure the new location must be at the same or lower level as the paths already referred to.


So if you have already defined a path like this

        G:\Retention Analytics\Prod\AlteryxMacros\Macros

Then you can't define a subsequent macro path like this 

        G:\Retention Analytics\Prod\AlteryxMacros

And these config files with these paths are created through installing macro packages like CREW macros and through entries through the User Settings feature per this discussion and the ones created by installing macro packages won't show up in User Settings list.  So this is a big reason people get stuck on this error, you can't see all path definitions from User Settings.


macro search path.PNGmacro path config files.PNGmacro path.PNGCrew Macro location.PNG


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I'm having this issue as well, but haven't been able to figure out the workaround. I don't have any other macro locations specified in this environment and I have the locations I am trying to map successfully done in another environment. Any clarity around the root cause and resolution of this error would be helpful.

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Go inspect the *.ini files in the ProgramData path in my prior post, in the pics. If the path you want to add is above or below a path in an ini file that is the problem. It can be a different folder on a shared parent folder level but not a parent...maybe you can do a child to an existing one but I don’t recall experimenting for that when my issue was going up a level as I recall
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@fharper Thank you for posting the solution.  I am experiencing the same error, but I cannot figure out why I am getting it.  I am understanding from your post that the new path cannot be a parent or child of an existing path reference (like CREW macros that have already been installed).  Did I misunderstand?  Mine are at the same level: 

C:\Users\zazil-toma\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools\Alteryx Server Usage



Any guidance you or the community can share is appreciated!

Thank you,



cc: @mix_pix 

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just to be sure please screen shot the relevant ini files and then show the path you want to add.  you may have a path defined in an ini you are not aware of?


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in the ini files there is a path defined like Path=\\\Shared\Prod\Macros\CReW Macros\Macros

we keep all macros on a shared location.


so show me the paths defined in each ini plus the new path to add and we will see...