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Inserting numerous lines via the Multi-Row Formula (Files attached)




Currently trying to create the table in the End Product tab of the Excel attached using the Data and Month Table. Also attached is the current workflow.


Simply the data table has the first month in which the car has a certain value and the value of add-ons. The next start month for the same car is when the cost or add-ons has altered (one less add-on/more add-ons available/change of cost of car). In between those months, the car has the same cost and number of add-ons. 


What I am trying to do is create a table where for each month I have the cost and the number of add-ons (as in the End Product tab of the excel). Usually I would just use a Multi-Row Formula, however, where there are more than one add on this does not work, as I i can not populate more than one row. Does anyone have any ideas?






I've either missed something really straightforward that simplifies this process, or this is a pretty complex business case that needs a full workflow to accomplish.


I believe I got to the same end results (the last 6 months of Nissan have different "Cost" values in your End Product table, but that data does not appear anywhere I can see.


I've tried to document the workflow, but this process is complex, so I may have missed something, and the workflow may not work in all cases.


Take a look at the attached and see if it accomplishes what you need.  Hopefully the workflow makes sense, but if you have specific questions I will do my best to answer them.


Works perfectly - My mistake in the Excel spreadhseet.


Many Thanks,