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Inserting a column IN-DB to ID original data source


Hi folks,

Using the IN-DB function for the first time as it's so much quicker.


One thing is, I'm pulling from four databases none of which give me a moniker of where any of the data is from. So what I want to do is add a column to each one that says "DB1" or "DB2" depending on what database I'm getting the data from.


I've tried Inserting a column, I've tried the usual way of doing it via the formula however the IN-DB format is way more restrictive so I'm not sure where to go.


I figured you guys would have a super easy way of doing this?






You should be able to add a formula In-DB after every Connect In-DB that just adds a column that is whatever you want to name the DB.


Brawlstrogg Formula Config.PNG


Does this not work for you?






It does now... I swear it wouldn't work correctly yesterday. 


Thanks buddy.