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Insert into and select from Oracle database


I need to insert a excel data into Oracle database Table. In first table i need to insert Excel file name , Inserted Date and ID column.

In second Table i need to insert Excel Raw data and ID column value from 1st Table. Let me know how we can achieve this in Alteryx workflow.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @mahendradahiya,


If I understand your use case correctly, you should be able to. Attached is an example of how to accomplish. In your Input tool though, you need to make sure that option 5 is set to output the file name as a field. The option i selected only outputs the file name itself, but there's an option to output the entire filepath (including the sheet name) if needed.


Also, not sure how you planned on creating the ID field, but Alteryx does have the function UUID() which creates a unique value. If you have your own method of creating this, replace it accordingly.


Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick response and sample workflow. For creating a ID field, we are planning to use last inserted id + 1 logic instead of  UUID( ) function. We have a Primary key and foreign key relationship between first and second table. How we can make sure new record inserted in first table before use in second Table. Can we execute this in sequence or 2nd flow wait unit first one completed.