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Insert Thousand Separator with Formula tool

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to add a thousand separator in the formula tool where my exchange rate calculation is.  Is this possible?



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Hi jboschee,


I dont think this is available if you want to keep the field as a number - however if you are OK with changing the field to a string, you can use the ToString() function


TOSTRING(x, numDec, addCommas)Converts a numeric parameter to a string using [numDec] decimal places. There is also a third parameter to return the appropriate comma.

Optional Parameters:

addCommas: 0 or false (default) means format the numeric string without commas; 1 or true means format with commas.


TOSTRING(10, 0) returns "10" as a text string

TOSTRING(10.2, 2)returns "10.20" as a text string

TOSTRING(1000.2, 2, 1)returns "1,000.20" as a text string

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Thanks Hugo!  That worked great.