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Insert Image in Report Header: ParseError: Unterminated entity reference

5 - Atom

Hi, new here and to the software.


I'm trying to create a report header and insert my own image. However, I'm getting the following error: 


Error: Report Header (36): The Action "Update Image Tool" has an error: ParseError: Unterminated entity reference, 'D' at line 2 and column 19
while processing "Action_UpdateRawXml"


I was able to create the header just fine when I left the default "Insert Alteryx logo" selected.


Any experience in how to resolve this?







5 - Atom

We solved it. If anyone wants the answer, there was an & in the file path for the image I was browsing to.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing back your findings and solution @BeatrizTS! It will likely help others who encounter the same issue and come looking for an answer.



8 - Asteroid

Since the source of the issue is known (the & in the path) and a defect in the software, it should be fixed in Alteryx itself. Is this on the roadmap?

8 - Asteroid

I'm on the latest version 2021.3 and I just encountered this issue. I can't change my path which includes an "&" because there are other processes dependent on it. I would like to see this fixed in 2021.4

5 - Atom

After a bunch of trial and error, I figured out that the issue seems to be with Alteryx parsing the & character when it creates XML, so you can just replace the & in your path with &.