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Inputting multiple files with wildcard- is the size of the Vstring a problem?

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I have a wildcard input set up to import a specific sheet from 10 .xlsm files with what I thought were identical schema, but I am getting the error message that they have different schema than the 1st file and will be skipped.


When I set up 10 inputs + browse tools, the only difference I can see in the Field types is that one particular Field comes in with a different size VString for each file - 276, or 274, or 278.  I think this is to do with it being a very long string in the cell in question.

Is this likely to be a problem that is causing the error?  And if so, is there anything I can do about this?  



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @chickenlicken 


As far as I know, field with longest size is selected when you run into this kind of situation, so this should not be a problem.


But...I think we'd need more details to go further in this question. Could you give us printscreens of the workflow, or at least provide 2 or 3 files of this set of files?




Hi @chickenlicken,


I have a workflow to do this for multiple sheets with different schemas, I'm sure you could adjust it a bit to have multiple files. Essentially it's just loading in the files through an iterative macro rather than just the dynamic input tool.




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I think, the different sizes of the field are causing the problem. If the file you use as a template contains the largest field,
everything willl work fine, but if the field has more characters in another file, the sheet will be skipped. What about creating
a "template file" with maximum possible field size and use this as a template? This could solve your problem (hopefully).

Alteryx Partner

Thank you very much for your replies. 


I used an approach similar to what @mmenth suggested and used this batch macro which seems to get around the problem


@RolandSchubert , I'm going to test what you suggest and see if it resolves it, but I am not sure I can anticipate which file will have the longest field in future - so batch macro seems good.  If this is the problem then it is definitely a weakness of the wild card input method.