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Inputs one line


I'm using the input tool to input data from Excel.  The data was in an Excel "TABLE" and only input one record.   Here's what I have tried within Excel in order to fix it before inputting to Alteryx:  Converting the table to a range of data.  Copy all & paste values.   Using formulas in a separate spreadsheet to reference the data in the first spreadsheet then copy/paste values.   Copying only part of the data over and pasting as value.

I need to input the headers plus 244 rows of data -- ideas?

Alteryx Partner

Could you please bit clear about the issue. If possible, just copy paste the sample data? What you mean by only input one record. I just created an excel table and used input tool, it read all the data with headers without any issue. What is the exact issue you are facing and what you are trying to achieve.?