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Input tool error with new line and commas

8 - Asteroid

I have just happened upon an issue with input tools when run using the AMP Engine.

Essentially, if a CSV file has a multi-line record that is usually denoted by double quotes and there is a delimiter in one of those new lines, then the AMP engine fails to read the file correctly.

I have attached an example of what I am experiencing to help demonstrate the issue, @TonyaS 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Can you please email with information about your issue? Someone from our support team can take a look at this with you.


It may be helpful to include the following information:

  1. Alteryx version information
  2. Screenshot and description of the issue with full error message
  3. Replication steps
  4. Frequency and severity of the issue
  5. Troubleshooting steps taken so far

Hi @DavidLane,


You need to check the AMP Only option to "Allow Newlines in Quoted Fields"...




Scanning for newline characters within fields within a buffer of text requires single-threaded reading. By default, we consider any line break to be a new record so we can perform multi-threaded reading.


Checking the config option in the screenshot resolves the issue. AMP will perform a single-threaded read.


Jerad Rades


8 - Asteroid

@JeradR, that did the trick. I had not spotted that option as it was hidden at the bottom of a scroll menu.

Thanks for your help. David


Thank you @JeradR  I was just about to start looking for that other thread where you mentioned this when it came up previously.



Tonya Smith
Technical Product Manager, Engines