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Input multiple sheets (tabs) from one file into Alteryx with different schemas




Is there a way to input multiple sheets (tabs) from a file into alteryx with different schemas. I tried using a macro but i come up with the error below. Please let me know, thanks.

Input Macro Example.JPG


How would you expect the result to be formatted? If the sheets are different schemas, they won't fit well into one tool.


If some of the sheets are the same schema, you can use a Dynamic Input. Using the data you provided, try the below:


The Input Data pulls in the list of sheets, the Filter removes the Overview sheet from the list as it's a different schema (you could add a second Dynamic Input to pull in that sheet as a different set of data as well), and the Dynamic Input then cycles through the rest of the list and creates one combined dataset. Take a look at the attached and see if it makes sense/fixes your issue.


That does work, i appreciate it. I might play around with it to see what i can do from there. The Big issue is that i am trying to add a Report header to each sheet as well as upload these sheets to a powerpoint.


Again i appreciate the help with this, thanks.