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Input from xlsx file on a network drive




Fairly new to Alteryx and running into the below issue.


I have a workflow that saves off an xlsx daily with a new date in the filename to a shared network drive.


\\\data\sub\directory\FILE NAME - 10-16-19.xlsx|||ReportSheetName


After this xlsx file is edited by the end-user I need to bring it in the same file with the same filename the next day to compare with current days data and do some edits.  


Since the filename changes daily I have another workflow that creates and formats the date to the correct filename.  The issue is, I am getting an “Error: Download (6): Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL” when I try to bring in the file.  If I copy the filename that Alteryx creates and paste it into a folder’s address bar the file will open in Excel.



In the 3rd Formula, I am using the below for the filename to try and download:


[directory] = \\\data\sub\directory\


[directory] + "FILE NAME - " + [dateTimeFormat] + ".xlsx"

\\\data\sub\directory\FILE NAME - 10-16-19.xlsx


I've also tried it with the workbook page in the filename:

[directory] + "FILE NAME - " + [dateTimeFormat] + ".xlsx|||ReportSheetName"

\\\data\sub\directory\FILE NAME - 10-16-19.xlsx|||ReportSheetName


It seems like I'm missing something that is probably very easy to resolve.  







Hi @BonusCup .

You can use dynamic input  instead of  download tool  if you are trying to read the file .


As @benakesh said, the file input tools will recognize a network file name just like any other file name. You can reference it with \\Volume_Name or by drive letter if you've mapped the drive.


@benakesh thank you.  this is exactly what I needed.  And as I thought, it was an easy solution.


Thanks again!