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Input from Teradata table after writing to it


I have a workflow in which I write to a Teradata table. I then need to take some of the data from that table, manipulate it and write the ending product to an Excel sheet. I tried using a parallel block until done tool, but I see now that it is only the output that is blocked. The inputs start at roughly the same time, so that the table data is getting read before the new data has been completely written to it. I can't use the dynamic input trick that I've seen in discussions because I'm going to a database, not a file. Any ideas wold be appreciated.


@galex Can you post your workflow with "the dynamic input trick"?  I use a Dynamic Input in my process to do something similar very frequently with Teradata and do not have any issues.  Might be able to spot something if I could see the workflow.


This is what I meant by the dynamic input trick.

I can't use that because I am writing to and reading from a database table, not an Exel file, unless there is a way to point the dynamic input to a database table.





There are a few ways to do this.

Check out the attached workflow.  Based on the description you gave of your workflow, this is what I understood you are looking for.