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Input data from all files in a directory except the most recently created - Alteryx logs




Very new to Aleryx (2 weeks use), I have created a workflow to parse and re-arrange the data from an Alteryx log file and have all the outputs where I want them to be using a single file. Now however when I change the input path to include all the log files in the folder (Alteryx_Log_*.log) I get an error when I run the workflow as Alteryx creates a new log file in that directory and as it is 'open' it cant be read.


My question is: Can I input the data from all the files in a directory but exclude this newly created log file? Maybe by excluding the most recently created file?


I have tried using a dynamic input and a macro but my skill level is not sufficient to know if these are suitable.


Any help would be appreciated,



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Josh


You could use a Directory tool to get all files from the log directory and then a Sort tool to sort by date created. Then add a Sample tool to exclude the first/last one and feed that into your dynamic input.


Let me know if this makes sense or it it doesn't meet your requirements.







Thanks @ I tried that before but then tried it again after your post and it worked!


Thanks for the assist,