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Input criteria from excel in Input tool


I am trying to pull info from a dataset using the INPUT tool. Since the dataset is pretty big, it takes a large amount of time.


So I need to get the info for only a certain set of invoices which are available in a single column in an excel file. How can I input the excel file into the criteria of the INPUT tool so that it picks only the required invoices from the dataset.


Thanks in advance


If you know where (rows, columns, range) the data is that you want to load, you can specify that range in the Input Data tool - see example below.


|||'Sheet1$A1:A' tells the input tool to load data from cell A1 (row1, column1) to the end of Column 1


If you specified |||'Sheet1$A1:A50' it would load data from row 1-50 of column 1.


Input tool define a range.png



I want to know if it is feasible to input the data from an excel file into the criteria box (Red highlighted box) in the INPUT tool




Ok, so I didn't realise that your dataset is a database. I normally write a sql statement in the SQL Editor with one or more WHERE clauses to limit the data that I want to load from the database.


For instance, if you type  SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE ID IN ('1234','5678','78910') in the SQL Editor and you switch back to the Visual Query Builder, you'll see IN ('1234','5678','78910') in the Criteria box.


Now, if you want to dynamically load the list for your selection criteria from another source, you'll have to play around with the in-database tools, or you have to write a macro that will update the values for your WHERE IN statement, something like this:


database selction criteria.png




Actually, I can't see that the In-DB tools are going to be very helpful here, so my suggestion is the macro route. Alternatively, you just bite the bullet and load the whole dataset and join it with your selection criteria read from the excel file.