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Input & Output format ISO 8859-1 Latin I

Hello, I am trying to import and output data from Teradata with special characters, but Alteryx is changing theses special characters to other undesired values. 


For example 


Alteryx: (Wrong)

 alteryx bad.JPG


Teradata SQL Assistant: (Correct)

sql good.JPG


In other systems I’m able to change the input and output format to the desired ISO 8859-1, but here I can’t seem to find how to do so. 

If someone knows how to change the character encoding I would be great. 




Sebastian S. 

@sebaserrano are you using the same DSN entry for both Alteryx and SQLA?

Hello, yes I use ODBC for both.

If it is the same DSN within ODBC for both, there shouldn’t be a difference; but Alteryx does make assumptions about the character set based on column width/type.
There is a way to override this by modifying the DSN through ODBC Manager; but if you’re using the same entry there’s no point in risking a change that could have unintended consequences to SQLA.
Instead, I’d recommend to first try using the formula:
If that isn’t the right codepage, in the Help pages, search “Codepage”. There’s a listing of all of the character sets you can convert to/from.