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Input Tool later in sequence


Hi, I'm new to Alteryx - trying to do something seemingly simple but failing. 


I have a sequence that 
1. Generates a batch file to run an external program. 

2. External program creates a csv file


After the csv is created by the external program, I need to read from it.  I wanted to use an Input Tool. However, I can't connect it to a Block until Done.  


So my question is, how can I read the contents of the csv file after it is created by an externally run program? 

The following pic is what I have so far. 


Thanks for any advice. altprob.png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
In the run command tool look st the option at the bottom, read output results, specify your .csv here and it will read in once your bat file has finished running.


Thanks BenMoss. That was it!  I'm going to have a few follow questions.