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Input Text File

8 - Asteroid

Hi- I have this text file with thousand of lined of similar structured data and i'm having trouble input that to alteryx. Anyone can help with the input tool configuration? I tried all options but all have various error message...Thanks!

8 - Asteroid

@Simha I am very confused. If i extract the first 979 line and i can input it just fine. but then if i include everything, it goes back to the error message that I showed you (say line 959 have too many fields), but when it's included in the file below, it doesn't show that...

9 - Comet

@stevenlsj789 , I merged all files you sent me so far into one file and ran the workflow and it worked just fine.


I have included the entire solution with data files for you to try.


Please let me know. *Also, click on the 'Refresh' button on the left side (for the input tool) before running.