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Input Multiple Excel Files Into Multiple Workflow Dynamically

I want to read all the ".xlsx" files in a folder and sub folder and then input each file into a different workflow. All the ".xlsx" file has different schema. I know that the "Directory Tool" can be used to list out all the files and I can narrow it down to a specific format. I don't know how to map the output of the Directory into a specific workflow.


End Goal:

I want the user to just select the folder where the files are located and Hit Run in the workflow. The workflow should read the specific Excel file and perform the task. Once the execution is completed, the output should be stored in the specific sub folder from where the input files came from.



Using an output tool at the bottom there is an option for “take file/table name from field”. Using this option would allow you to output the file dynamically. You would need to take the directory location from the input file and then append that location to the data before your output, then choose that field as your output table/file name.

Good luck!
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @mashinaliahmed 


A chained app/workflow might be the best option in this case.


Read these examples:

Chained Alteryx Analytic Applications
Using the Runner Macro / Chaining Workflows / Caching Data How-To

Chaining Workflows Together


Things will become more clear for you on how to specify paths to take or hit triggers to run other apps or workflows.