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Input Files from Sharepoint (office 365)




Very soon we will start to work with office 365 and all our offline files will be transferred to a sharepoint.

I have been trying to get input files from the sharepoint, but so far it didn't work.

Also sending files to a sharepoint location didn't work so far.


When trying to go to the sharepoint link Alteryx gives the error the link doesn't exist.

Also in other questions I couldn't find how to connect input and output from/to a sharepoint location.


Can anybody help me with this?


BR, Dorien

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@DB2 ,


At this time, Alteryx can only pull Sharepoint lists and not files. This is not advisable from an Alteryx standpoint as you would have to fins a way to store those files somewhere where Alteryx could get to them.



Hi Dan,

Does this mean I cannot use Alteryx designer anymore?
Our company will move completely to share point. And what if I would put the in and output files on my personal one drive?

Is that an option to run the flows?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards,

Dorien de Boer

Operations Specialist

Service Business Fulfilment Benelux

IKEA Distribution Services Central Europe

Located at: IKEA Service Office NL

T: 0031 6 135 034 51



We do have OneDrive connectors available (see here and here for more details) which will make this possible for you.


There's also a way of mapping Sharepoint so that your system recognises the location as a network directory that some of our customers use (see the article here). This is however dependent on your deployment of Sharepoint and may not be available in your case.