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Input Data tool

When I went to input multiple files with similar names but a few different values, I know doing like ABCD_* will input all the files that begin with ABCD_ (i.e. ABCD_2384 and ABCD_25) and ABCD_? inputs all files that have one value after the _ (i.e. ABCD_4 or ABCD_9).


My question however is does having two question marks or two ** effect the input? So for example if I wanted to input multiple files, would ABCD_?? work if I wanted to input ABCD_34 and ABCD_94? Or would that just be input as ABCD_*?


Same goes for ABCD_**. Not that you would ever need to do that but would that effect inputting multiple files like ABCD_1234 and ABCD_3456?


Thanks for your help! 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Abcd_??_efg.csv and

Abc_*_ef*.csv make sense.

** doesn't.


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