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Input Data tool from xls converts column to 'double' and loses all text values


When inputting data from an excel file some of my text values are converted to "Null". I assume that this is because Input Data tool automatically converted the type of my column to double, and deleted all values that have text in them.


Has anybody else encountered the same issue of data loss?

Is there any way to specify the format of each column when using Input Data from excel?


My current solution is to choose "first row containt data" in the input data tool, which converts all values to text type. And then use dynamic rename tool to pick-up my column names. But this seems like a complex solution for a simple problem.


My xls file attached. As soon as you input data, you can see that all Old Code and NEW Code columns have blank values from row 87.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Saulius,


You're correct. Alteryx samples a set of rows to determine what the attribute the field with. Instead, use the option to tell the tool that the first row contains data. This will bring in all your values as Alteryx will have to force the fields to strings.



Attached is the workflow shown above.


Hope this helps!




That was a very quick answer. Thank you jrgo!