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Input Data Tool: Sharing & distributing DB Connections


Hi all,


there was a post by @TonyM recently that talked about aliases


With Alteryx 11, this has been changed to be Database Connections.


Question for the community is whether there's any learning material or training (yes, I'm looking at you @JoeM ) on how to:

- Share a DB connection among team-mates (both the regular kind and the in-DB kind) so that we all use the same connection to the DB (to support each other during vacations etc)

- how to then publish this connection with the canvas to the gallery server (do we need to do anything)?   Are there variants based on SQL Native vs. OleDB vs. ODBC DSN and are there variants across regular full-fat DB connections vs. In-DB connections?

- And then as a central administrator, how do I create a DB connection centrally, and push this down to my user base to keep central control of a shared data asset (e.g. give people read-access without exposing the password etc).


cc: @MPistone @ydmuley @MarvinPinto


Apologies if this is already well covered somewhere - please feel free to direct me to the appropriate spot.





Thank you Andrew, this is very helpful and gives me some good weekend reading.