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Inconsistent RegEx Results - Does Field Type Make a Difference

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This is a new one to me.


I am trying to parse dozens of entries.   Specifically, I am trying to pull a contract number from a body of text.  But, I am getting inconsistent results.  My expression is (\w{6}-[0-9]{2}-[A-Z]{1}-\w{4}).


If I take a body of text and copy/paste it to an Input Text source to test my RegEx expression and workflow, it works all the time.


If I use a YXDB input source (my real data), it works most of the time. There are instances where it works with the Input Text method for a given body of text, but not for the same body of text when using a YXDB source. 

The expresión is the same for both methods.  I can only discern one minor different.  The text field is set to V_String when paired with the Input Text source and V_WString in the YXDB source.  Can this really skew the results or is something else at play?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @hellyars 


Check your original topic - I unfolded the solution for you.


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