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InboundNamedPipe issue with Redshift

Alteryx Partner

This is for reference in case the same thing happens, as I didn't find any information on the community regarding this error message, causing workflow to fail.

If you have a workflow loading any kind of data into AWS Redshift, you ought to use the Bulk Connector.

That Bulk connector includes credentials to a S3 bucket, which acts as a buffer to load the data into Redshift tables.

If suddenly you get hit by that error message related to the InboundNamedPipe, it means that the S3 credentials have been altered in a way.

After much head scratching and investigation, we finally figured out one employee had left the company, with credentials tied to the S3 bucket, which had effectively reset the Secret Key tied to the S3 bucket...


Hopefully, this knowledge tidbit will save you all the investigative effort...






@ARich - Can you please take a look at this and make necessary notes for potential documentation or product updates??




@fpinchon - Thank you for bringing this note forward - we will look into how best to factor for this either, via product or documentation.