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InDB stored procedures

Alteryx Partner

Has anyone figured out how to invoke an In Database stored procedure? I've seen in the community some workarounds with a regular ODBC database connection using a pre sql entry in the tool configuration. But that doesn't appear to be an option for InDb.  I'm using Snowflake, btw.  Thanks in advance.

Just curious, why you would want to go this route?


Why would you not just write the stored procedure to do whatever you need to do in the database and call it with the regular tools?  The regular stored procedure call would just execute the stored procedure the the parameters provided.


Stored procedures aren't currently supported for in-db so you would have to use one of the workarounds you have come across. 

Also to keep in mind, stored procedures aren't currently supported for Snowflake, so you would have to run them as a pre/post SQL statement in the regular tools. You wouldn't be able to return any data that way unless you wrote to a table and then read that in. 


Feel free to submit this as an idea on our forum though! 


Thank you.

Henriette Haigh
Principal Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.

Having never used Snowflake I didn't realize that they did not support stored procedures yet (looked up and it appears to be on their road map).  That is surprising for me as I live and die by SQL server stored procedures.