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In-database tools, how to do 'update, insert if new'?

Is it possible to 'update, insert if new' using the in-database tools? Or is there another way to approach this? There's update but no 'update, insert if new' - my use case is I have a staging table that has last 30 days of data, and I want to 'update, insert if new' into the table that has a full history, updating any existing records and inserting new records. I've done this with the standard tools but it's just too slow so I was wondering if this could be done more efficiently using the in-DB tools.


in-db update rows.PNG


Hello @exldigital,


Currently, there are no tools for "Insert if new."

I would recommend submitting the add request to our Designer- Ideas section. Please make sure that there are no existing ideas which are already requesting this feature.