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In-database connection update (to hive) is extremely slow


Hi all,


I have prewritten scripts that have multiple in-database connections to hive. When updating to a new ODBC connection, it is very slow (~25 minutes for each update). Any suggestions for how to resolve?





@test2345  In my experience, any ODBC connection to Hive is SUPER SLOW with anything.  I haven't found a way to make it any better, but 25 mins does seem much more than I've experienced.  That being said; I believe it has a lot to do with how the Hive ODBC DSN is set up.  There are some server-side parameters which make a big difference, but you'd have to consult your Hive DBA or IT department for the proper values.


@patrick_mcauliffe Thanks! I will definitely follow up with my IT folks. It's just so strange that's the connection works so much faster for my colleagues.


Hi all, in my company we're also just starting to use in-db and hive and it's extremely you have best practices to share with respect to the server adjustment you mentioned?