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In-Databse Streaming out - Any way to check status?


As part of a process I run I am pulling in a large dataset from Hadoop and then streaming to my local machine to write to a SQL database.  The streaming out portion of the flow is what takes the longest amount of time by far.


Is there a way to check the status of that step?  I was hoping to be able to see a percentage complete for instance.







I don't think that you can get a percentage complete, because the In-DB tools don't necessarily assess the size of the table before acting on it.  However, I have found that if I go into the DSN via ODBC Administrator and Configure -> Advanced Options -> Rows fetched per block to some comparatively small number, then when I run a workflow, the Connection Progress will update periodically as the stream progresses.  This does assume that you have the Workflow Configuration -> Connection Progress set to some form of "Show."  (Incidentally, I have Server 2018.2.)


DSN Configuration.png


Show Connection Progress.pngInterim update.png