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In Database Formula tool - working with Oracle


Does anyone have tips on how to use the in-database formula tool with Oracle?  No matter what I try, it errors.  The connection to the oracle database is fine and the SQL in the query is good also.  But for some reason, it won't show the results from the data pull and calculate the formula in the formula tool, even though the results are there.



The error is: 

Formula In-DB (3)      Error opening "WITH "Tool1_34a0" AS (Select .....


and no columns returned.


Thank you so much and also, I'm new to the Alteryx community as well as Alteryx so if there is something I should read or somewhere else to reach out, please let me know.  Thank you again.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Looks like you are using a common table expression. You might find this post helpful: