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In-DB warning using ORDER BY window function SQL


I am receiving the warning "Using order by in initial In-DB query may result in a query error. Consider using the sort on the sample or stream out tools."


I do not find much information on this error. Was wondering if it also applies to the ORDER BY used in window functions and what the error will be?

Alteryx Partner

Hi @nakamott 


There are quite a few SQL queries that don't work in Alteryx, just as most Alteryx-formed SQL queries don't work in SSMS. Order by is one of said queries. I have only begun using In-DB tools as well 


If you are looking to sort your data, you'd have to configure your Sample In-DB like shown below. You want to change the top left box to Percent and type in 100 and tick the "Sample records based on order:" box.


Sample In DB.png


Otherwise you'd have to stream your data out and use the normal Alteryx sort tool.


I have noticed that sometimes the Sample In-DB doesn't work as intended for me but the majority of the time it does. Haven't been able to work it out yet though.


Hope this helps mate.


- Andrew