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In-DB Query Timeout

I am trying initiate a query using my In-DB tools.  My issue is I get a query timeout immediately when I run the query.  If I do not attach a browse tool it takes about 20 seconds but if I attach a browse tool and search for 30 rows it takes roughly 50 min to run.  Is this a server issue or a configuration issue? 

Alteryx Partner

What sort of database ?


In-db is usually extremely fast, so it's surprising to see stat's like that :( 

Microsoft SQL server.


It works form all my other tables I use.  Could it be a possible bug?


Has there been any update on this issue?

I'm having the same problem :(

Well not really.  I am about to experiment with an Amazon S3 data lake platform.  I will report once I have tested it out.


@lowellsinghGP @MonBrazier 


It's hard to diagnose the slowness without more information, it can have many reasons. The reason your query runs in 20 seconds without a browse tool attached is because it is not actually retrieving any data. Since the In-DB tools don't have the same browse everywhere functionality as the regular tools, data is only retrieved if you have a browse tool, a stream out tool, or a write tool attached to your workflow. 

Henriette Haigh
Principal Support Engineer, Alteryx