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In-DB Action Update


I'd like to update a SQL statement contained in an In-DB Input tool based on user input through a gallery app. I've added a dummy value into my SQL ('xxx') and selected the Replace a specific string option from within the Action tool. Still, the value in the sql statement is unaffected. Any thoughts on why or if there is a more eloquent solution?


Ignore my connection error, I've simply stripped the details out for this example.



@matts1 on the surface it looks like you've set it up correctly. In order to see what's going wrong, I would use the open debug to see what's up.



First make sure the interface designer is visible (View >>> Interface Designer). Then use the second option, the test view, to make a selection from your dropdown. Then you can click on open debug and it will show you a couple things: 1) The box at the top shows you your selection. You can see that I selected the value of a. You can also see that my action tool ran. 2) You can click on the tool and see that it indeed replace xxx with a like we wanted.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @matts1 


First of all, are you running the app with the magic wand?


Second, when you run as an app you need at least put a browse tool and go to the Interface Designer tab to check the option "On Success Show Results to User"