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Importing an Excel Named Range that contains non contiguous columns


Has anyone ever Imported an Excel named nange that contains non contiguous columns?


Hi Scott.


You can try creating a named range within your Excel workbook then choose to import the named range into Alteryx. Named ranges can be created under the Formulas tab -> Name Manager. I've heard of someone having an issue importing a dynamic named range that used offset so if creating a named range that is static meets your current need - I suggest going that route. Thank you. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm sure you tried this, but the Alteryx window did not recognize the non-cotiguous Named range that I set up. I also tested the old select statement method, and used both current and legacy drivers in each version of my testing. So far I have not been able to return a non-contiguous field range.

Thank you for your reply. I tried that as well.

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