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Import Password Protected Data From Fedex




I'm trying to create a workflow that allows me to access our company's online FedEx data. I have seen a few workflows showing how to connect to web services, but all I'm getting when I try running the workflow is a row of null values. I'm fairly new to Alteryx, but I have messed around quite a bit to come up with a solution and I'm feeling a bit lost. Any guidance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @NewUser2,


If you are trying to access using webscraping I would recommend you to first try it out otside of alteryx and then implement the logic within the program.


If you are on the other hand trying to accessing them using connectors the logic changes.


What are you looking for?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @NewUser2 ,


Perhaps you are looking to try the download tool and embed credentials into it? Have you by any chance looked at the Tool Mastery Index for more information on the Download tool and how to make best use of it?


Tool Mastery Index:



If you need to run your logic across multiple pages, then you can look for an iterative macro for web scraping on this community, like this one for instance (challenge tracker for weekly challenges -


With kind regards,


Roland van Leeuwen






Hello @RWvanLeeuwen  @afv2688,


Thank you both for your responses. We are trying to access FedEx through connectors, specifically through the download tool. My partner and I have been trying a variety of different configurations to get the API to function properly, but we're still coming up short on logic.