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Implementing Data Quality Rules in multiple columns




I want to specify data quality conditions on multiple columns and output the results in a separate column.


I have created a sample of input and output file above.

I tried using Formula tool but there are "a lot" of columns and different types bad data present. The table has millions of records and data quality rule is different with respect to each individual columns.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Here's one way to go about achieving this. It could be done with less tools, but this keeps things organized. Check out the example solution attached and let met know if this works for you.


Hi Charlie,


Thanks for replying.

I am having around 20-30 columns in a particular table and there are like more than 100 tables in my database.

I need to profile the data before loading it to the destination. Is there any tool which can help me with this?

Or do I need to keep adding Formula tool for all my required columns?





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Prashant_Raju 


I'd add to Charlie's advice that you look for Data Investigation tools.

There's a lot of ways to track down null values, incorrect Data Type records, analyze frequency and even profile length of characters and descriptive metrics.