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Implement Update:Insert if new logic INDB


Hey Guys,


I need to implement Update:Insert if new logic when i am trying to insert records into the database table.I don't see this option when I use Write data In-DBtool .Is this even possible using InDB tools?


Any suggestion would be of great help.

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Hey @rats

If you're trying to find new records you can use the join tool to identify records that exist in your new dataset that don't appear in current dataset and then insert those records.

My problem is not the new records,I need a way to update existing records into the current dataset ie. If there are updates on the existing records I update those into my main table.

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Hey @rats


Can you give me an example?




I have my master table where i have column as below


cust_Id Quantity


Now i receive my daily transaction table where lets say i receive 10 records.Out of this 5 customers already exists in my master table and 5 are new.So for new customer i can just append there records in my main table.But for 5 existing customers i need to updated the Quantity value based on data from today's transaction and update this records in my master table.


So basically i want to update existing customers with there new value.For this I do left join and can filter out records where right table is not Null and get customers which already exists in my master table.


No I need a way to append this records to my master table.


Let me know if scenario is still unclear


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Hey @rats


Could you do something like this?


  1. Bring in your daily sales and summarize grouping by customerID
  2. Union this to your master table
  3. Re-summarize your data grouping by customer and summing quantity (this will update your existing customers)
  4. Overwrite your master table with the new data


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