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Immutable Select Options?


Hello gurus - 


Got a strange one that I bet the aces can help me solve. 


I built an alteryx .yxdb to store a lot of configuration values that are common; i.e., I have properties to tell me things like urls for operation specifics, authorization headers, etc.  The idea being, if I need to change my authorization header or whatever, I can goto one place, rebuild the .yxdb, and all macros will inherit the change and I don't have to goto N worksflows or Y macros when a change occurs.  Change in one place, all workflows inherit.  


Things work great, *except* I've got one macro that writes out a bat file that is subsequently executed with the run command.  Basically I have 


tool -> tool -> tool -> select tool (include only bat file contents) -> output.bat -> execute .bat file with run command -> profit


Unfortunately, when I make a new entry in my configuration .yxdb, things look more like this:


tool -> tool -> tool -> select tool (include only bat file contents and new value from .yxdb) -> output.bat -> execute.bat file with run command -> error because I have a bunch of extraneous text in my .bat file.  (!) 


So I go into my macro in question, run it manually once, goto the select tool at the end of the workflow, deselect the new column(s), and save it and I'm good.  But it is annoying and I should not have to do that.  Am I missing something simple here?















At the bottom of that select tool there should be a check box for something called "*Unknown"


Uncheck that and the tool should work as you expect.


There was something simple!  Thank you, Claje!