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Image Metadata - who built the keynote demo on Inspire at Las Vegas?

Hello Community, I hope everyone is having a blast at inspire in Nashville this week! (I know I am).


Question - How do I make Alteryx read the metadata  from images in a folder? (time stamp, location, name, etc.?)


I know it is possible because we saw it in action at inspire a couple years ago in Vegas*, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it; and our friends at the solution center tried to help, but decided it was better that I asked this to the community. 


My use case: I want to be able to compare facts from pictures to identify the ones that may be related and/or repeated (even if they have different file names). This will be helpful to those of us who work in insurance, as it will help us verify the authenticity of evidence submitted to support a claim. … and I guess also for anyone with too many baby pictures that need sorting. 


Can you help? Perhaps point me to the person who prepared the demo on that presentation?




* - on the presentation the image metadata was combined with credit card information to trace "what happened the prior night"



Hi @aristiguietapulgarf 


Check out this post. The solution contains a macro built by Alteryx's own @AdamR that reads the EXIF data embedded in the image



Thank you @danilang, (and @AdamR) this is very helpful!

I’ll let you know how it goes!