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If Column Exsists

I have a bunch of manual files (~45) where I am trying to normalize all of the data for certain columns. I have a separate input file that tells me the column headers for each of the input files. I am able to check if those headers are there by using the "Field Info" module and than append to my data set. Is there a way that I could assign the new column header based on the value of the appended field?


Inputs telling me what the column header is in each file.


File IDDateCustomer
01As Of Dateobligor_num
02Cob Dateanother_field


I am checking and error handling using the "Field Info" module to ensure that those columns are in the respected File. When i append those results to my original input file i would see something like this:


File IDAs Of DateField Oneobligor_numOutput_dateOutput_Customer
0101/01/2018Some Informationdummy_customerAs Of Date



My question is how i can change the Output_date to the value of the column "As Of Date" and so on for Output_Customer


Thanks in advance,




Take a look at the Dynamic Rename tool.  One of the options is to use Right Input Rows - and you can take the data right from the Field Info tool.

You can also use your Appended Dataset to take these values in using some of the other options in this tool.

would there be any way to do this in a formula within my appended data set? I can not seem to get the dynamic replicate module to replicate what i want.

Would you be able to provide an example using the dynamic rename? When i looked at the examples for the Dynamic rename it looks like to use the right option the positions of the fields have to be in the same order which wouldn't work in my case.