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Identifying latest 12 months from date column

7 - Meteor

I have 3 columns product,date,sales

There are 3 products.

Each product has 5 years of data month wise

i want to create a new column and if any products last year(12 months) sales value is 0 I should update the value in the column as discontinued for that product..


How can this be acheieved in Alteryx

7 - Meteor

In the above output the solution fetches last year's records.but I want to fetch last 12 months..

Eg., if the data is till july 2021..last 12 months would be  july 2020 to july 2021..

if the data is till feb 2020..last 12 months would be  july 2019 to july feb 2020..

and also I should be able to change number of months I fetch...

sometimes I might want to fetch last 4 months also