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Identifying Schema Tables used in Input


Hi folks,


I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to specific schema tables used in input queries.


For example, I have two schemas, "AW" and "DM", used from one oracle database called "datamart".


Now, I have multiple queries, found in many workflows.  I want to be able to identify which of these workflows has at least one table with the prefix "AW" used in the queiries, ex. AW.Sales.


Is there a good way to gather this information?

Thank you!

Jamie Golden l Business Intelligence Administrator & Analyst l Grand Circle LLC, Boston MA
Direct (617) 346-6205 l
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I think parsing the XML of your modules and searching for the text string 'AW.' would identify what you need with minimal false positives. I've attached a module that will search the input directory for any '.yxmd' file, parse the XML for references to 'AW.', and summary a list of those modules that meet that criteria.


it should be simple to modify this module for other applications. Parsing the XML of your modules to search or edit has many applications and is a good tool to keep handy.