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Identify the max value in a row, and add a column that gives the column name of this max


Hi again, 


I have a table with an ID in first column and numbers in the rest of the columns. I would like to create another column "R_ID", where for each row, it would look for the biggest number of the row and put in my R_ID the name of the column that contained the biggest number of the row.


For example :


ID  colA colB colC     =>   R_ID

l1     34     -5    12              colA

l2      6      10     4              colB      


Do you have an idea about how to create such a "R_ID" colum? 





Alteryx Partner

This should do it,



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @GraceK ,


Something like this would work. If you want to account for cases where multiple columns share the highest value you can use Summarize instead.







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Beat me to it :-)

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Both solutions work, but maybe yours is even prittier (like it more than mine for sure)



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @GraceK,


I have a couple approaches in the attached solution.

  • One uses mulit-row formula, which is quick and easy if you have a small set of columns and can "hard code" a quick solution.
  • The other is more generic: if you transpose the data, your columns become rows, then use the Summarize tool to get the row-wise max value; then just join that back to the original dataset.

Hope that helps!


[edit: geez, I'm slow]