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Identify and remove duplicates using In-database

Alteryx Partner

Hi all,


Note: using In-database functions


I used a left outer join ("Join In-DB"), which resulted in more rows than I had in my left-side table.  I suspect that it could be because my right-side table has duplicate values.  But I don't know how to look into this. 


Can someone help me identify and remove any duplicate values from a table using the In-database functions?


Note: I'm relatively new to Alteryx and don't know SQL that well --> I can easily google some SQL approaches to solving this problem but am not sure where to execute those within Alteryx and integrate them into my workflow.




I'd look at the Summarize In-DB tool.  Group by the fields you're joining on, and add a Count to see where the duplicates are - anything over 1 is a dup.  There's a chance the Summarize will be enough to remove the duplicates as well (with the non-joined fields, can you take a max?  a min?  an average? try to aggregate before the join so you end up with a unique join).


Post some sample data if you need specific help.  Good luck!

Alteryx Partner

Thanks.  That ended up being helpful in identifying the duplicates.


Then I used some SQL code to remove the duplicates during the "Connect In-DB" tool portion.