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Identify Overlapping Polygons within One Input


I've run into a bit of a wall. I am attempting to identify polygons that overlap from within one input (.TAB). This is easily done with the spatial match tool when you have two separate spatial inputs, but I'm struggling to think of how this can be done with one.


Any tips would be appreciated.

Depending on the size of the list could you use and append fields to do a cartesian join. You would need to filter out the same row join and then usual spatial overlap would work.


This would fail hideously for massive lists though.


You could use an iterative or batch macro to run one at a time if a huge list.



Maybe I'm oversimplifying this or missing something obvious, but can't you just use a RecordID for each unique polygon, connect it to both the target and the universe, and then filter out the cases where RecordID = Universe_RecordID?

This should only create N duplicate records where N is your number of polygons.



Yep much nicer @Claje


Will only create the overlaps that way


I am also trying to solve this problem. Did you ever figure it out pfoster?


Sorry! Just realized the above solution works!