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IP/Hostname changed Alteryx server

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Hi ,

We have changed the IP and Host name of the Alteryx server for some data center movements.

We have de-registered the license and changed the IP and host name and set a cname for the server  then re-registered the license of the machine.

We are able to run the workflow manually and through scheduling also ,

however we are facing following two issues


  1. When we publish a workflow it seems to go into “No man's land”. It publishes with no error but it is not view able in the gallery afterwards.
  2. When we delete a workflow it says that it is deleted but the icon stays visible but the link is broken.

 we have already changed the Alteryx gallery URL from designer and it is working fine.




Alteryx Partner

Hi @cthareja 



Looks like it's been awhile. Were you able to get this resolved?