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IN-Database Error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: Protocol error in TDS stream




I have a scheduled workflow which accesses data from a SQL server. Once in a while, the flow errors out with the following message:


Error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: Protocol error in TDS stream\HY000


Do you have any insights as to what might be causing this issue? 




Alteryx Partner

I would there are three possible reasons for this error:


1) SQL Server is actually generating incorrect TDS.
2) Something crashes inside SQL Server, and the connection is broken.
3) A network glitch.


The fact that the error is intermittent to some extent rules out the first. It does certainly not rule out network problem, as the issue can be a bad cable or similar. Bad does not have to mean completely broken, but contact is only broken when the cable is a certain angle or whatever. It is very common for hardware errors to be intermittent.

You should investigate the SQL Server error log for stack dumps. If you can find stack dumps that coincide with these errors in SSAS, then you know that it is an issue in SQL Server. If there are no stack dumps, I would suspect a hardware problem.